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THE WILD PANTHERS is a performance duo made up of Victor de Castro and Diego Sanchez, both artists and photographers, born in 1977. The artistic association was formed in March 2013 and has continued to perform in alternative venues in the city of Geneva ever since. First in clubs and bars and then in various institutions across the country:

2023 BIG - Biennale Insulaire des espaces d'Art de Genève - Geneva, CH

2023 HELMUT - 10 year anniversary performance - Bar Le Phare - Geneva, CH

2022 RAPID CLASH - Usine Kugler - Geneva, CH

2021 DEC 17TH - Home of The Montesinos Foundation - Geneva, CH

2020 MEGAWIN - Exposition de trophées réalisés par et pour des artistes genevois - Home of TMF - Geneva

2020 Performance ULTRAVIOLENCE - Home of TMF - Geneva
2020 Performance ADVERTISING - For The Montesinos Foundation - Art Genève - Geneva
2018 360 party - Salle Pitoëff - Geneva

2017 BIG - Biennale des espaces d’art indépendants - TWP Live Show - Plaine de Plainpalais - Geneva

2016 Exposition photographique, wallpainting et performance - Le Cabinet - Geneva
2015 Black Movie Film Festival - Opening Night - Salle Arditi Wilsdorf - Geneva
2015 RIOT GIRLS NIGHT - Riot in 3 sets - La Gravière - Geneva

2015 ANARCHAÏSM - Festival de Performance « C’est Déjà Demain » - Théâtre du Loup - Geneva

2014 The 1st Wild Sex Party by The Wild Panthers et La Muschi - Usine Kugler - Geneva
2014 INTO THE DARK SEA - POV Paper Launch Party - Espace Autogéré - Lausanne
2014 LA DEMENCE CRUISE - Travail photographique et rédactionnel pour le magazine 360° - Geneva

2014 FORDE IS WATCHING YOU - BLACK MOVIE Film Festival - Le Grütli - Geneva

2013 360° Magazine numéro Dec/Jan 2014 - Editorial The Wild Panthers + Poster central - Geneva
2013 Pink Cross Jubiläum - « The Capital Will Never Forget » - Turnhalle - Bern
2013 « The Unforgettable of The Wild Panthers » - Monster Festival - Usine Geneva
2013 « The Best and the Worst of The Wild Panthers » - Le Monstre et la Muschi - Usine Kugler - Geneva

2013 « Better with Gold and Helium » - WONDERBEAR PARTY - Sexy Sushi Aftershow - Lausanne

2013 «The Dark Metana Session @ The Notorious Big Burger Party» - Café Le Calamar - Geneva


2013 THE WILD PANTHERS MANIFESTO - Magazine 360° No 128 - Juillet 2013 - Geneva
2013 Réouverture du Little Eagle avec The Montesinos Foundation/Aiglon - Geneva
2013 Swiss Gay Pride/Association 360° - Le Village - Fribourg
2013 360° Party - Geneva

THE WILD PANTHERS orchestrates its performances to the sounds of old and new classics of Pop / Rock music. Our performances always take the form of musical appearances with extreme rhythms and volumes. Quirky reinterpretations of songs ranging from Depeche Mode to The Prodigy, The Beastie Boys or Britney Spears. In 2014, THE WILD PANTHERS took over in full a piece by Khan of Finland “Disko Nazi”, an experience which led us to work with professional musicians and create our own cover for the first time. An atmosphere where the cries of the forest mingle with the fetishized sounds of uncontrolled orgasms, in a resolutely Camp Dark perspective, playing on all stereotypes. Transforming Pop music into Metal music, with the sounds of distorted electric guitars, for a frenzied communion with an accomplice public. 

THE WILD PANTHERS would like to thank to The Montesinos Foundation, Jonas Togni, Coline Davaud, Café Le Phare, Leticia Ramos, John Waters, Khan of Finland, Angèle Laissue, Francis Ases, Virginie Morillo, Tobias Bernstrup, DJ Sheerday, Antoine Bal, Guillaume Renevey, Gregor Schönborn, Lucas Araújo, Stéphane Juillard, Grzegorz Piroshka, Vincent Petitpierre, Giuseppe Pocetti, Liberto @Le Reservoir, Atelier Madame Sérigraphie and Chantal.

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